Dressed to kill for Ladies’ Day

  • Ladies’ Day fashion: Kristen Palmer and Erin Carr (Photograph by Nadia Hall)
  • Ladies’ Day fashion: Sandra Soares (Photograph by Nadia Hall)
  • Ladies’ Day fashion: Kaitlyn O’Hara (Photograph by Nadia Hall)
  • Ladies Day Fashion:Maria Duffy (Photograph by Nadia Hall )
  • Ladies Day Fashion: Nikki Gurret (Photograph by Nadia Hall )
  • Ladies Day Fashion: Gita Blakeney-Saltus (Photograph by Nadia Hall)
  • Ladies Day Fashion: Trikita Outerbridge  (Photograph by Nadia Hall )

Imagine polishing up for a big event, only to find someone else wearing the same outfit.

How embarrassing.

Not for Erin Carr and Kristin Palmer, who saw the America’s Cup Ladies’ Day as the perfect opportunity to model their friends’ fledgeling line.

The pair were two of a troop of women wearing designs by Patricia Outerbridge and Cary Butterfield on a day designed for celebrating women.

Ms Carr felt “fabulous” about her group’s matching looks.

“We’re here to support our friends at Hamec and we’re doing it as a team”, she said.

Ms Palmer added: “I love Hamec because it’s effortlessly chic. I can go to the beach, I can go to dinner, I can wear it to a ladies’ night. It’s just a perfect outfit for the everyday lifestyle.”

Lifestyle stopped a few of the island’s stylish attendees to get some insight into their sartorial choices.

Maria Duffy was one of many who took advantage of the free pedicures on offer by the Hamilton Princess’s Exhale Spa.

She chose a colour to match the streaks of plum in her hair.

“The girls are lovely. I love the colour,” said the manager of the thrift store at the Red Cross.

Clearly — her purple hat matched as well.

“And that matches my hair, which is all important,” she laughed.

Of the day, she said: “It’s got a great vibe.

“Women are all dressed up and having a good time. Everybody’s loving it, the massages, the manicures, just really, really good.”

Kaitlyn O’Hara said she was always game for a Ladies’ Day, having been a regular at the horseraces and the Kentucky Derby.

“There should be more Ladies’ Days,” she said. “That’s why I bought the hat and the dress.”

She bought everything she was wearing in Bermuda.

“It’s all from Gibbon’s, apart from the hat which is from [the hat shop in the] Washington Mall.

“The shoes are from Trends. All Bermuda.”

She said she came for the “champagne rooftop bar”.

She got her wish — joining more than 400 women at the Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy Island Bar.

Nicky Gurret also took Ladies’ Day as an occasion to dress up.

“I’ve tried a little bit,” she laughed.

“It was slightly too dressed up, I thought, but I’ve tried to make it fun, not too churchy.”

Her straw-coloured dress and matching hat were made avant-garde by bold, circle earrings.

“I love these earrings because they’re very modern, though my hat and dress are not,” she said.

The architect was disappointed that they called off Wednesday’s race.

“I was looking forward to France winning today because my parents are both French, but I want Oracle to win overall,” she said.

“Supposedly, they will stay here if they win, right? That’s what they’re telling us.

“I want in the end Oracle and France to be the final two.”

Sandra Soares was also looking forward to the sailing.

“I’ve just enjoyed the atmosphere here. It’s been fantastic,” she said.

She deviated from traditional hot weather attire to wear a black, slip dress.

“I wanted something light and easy and stain-resistant,” she laughed.

Her hand-painted Louis Vuitton bag was one of the approved branded items for the America’s Cup Village.

“I got this in 2007, but the strap was always too small, so I just got the bigger strap and I’ve started to wear it.”

Entertainer Gita Blakeney-Saltus had just stepped off the stage.

“That’s my joie de vivre,” she said. “I love to be on stage and it’s Ladies’ Day, so it was so apropos.

“I wanted to give the ladies something to enjoy and just be a part of the magic of the America’s Cup right now.

I want to see this thing grow and have people come out and see what’s happening and get in the vibe.

“We’re hoping that this will be a continuum of some things that we will see for our tourism product.”

The singer, who is also director of Pathways Bermuda and co-owner of Flowers by GiMi, will perform in the Village at Club AC and the Longtail Lounge throughout the America’s Cup.

“I love to be busy and I love my music,” she laughed.

Her colourful two-piece came from South Africa.

“It is designed by a good friend of mine Nina J, for local design brand, Azure,” she said.

Trikeita Outerbridge bought her shoes for Cup Match, but decided to give them an early outing.

“I was going to switch up the red ribbons because I’m a blue and blue girl, through and through,” said the St George’s native.

“I call them my fun, festive, Bermuda shoes.”

Her collection of necklaces similarly pay tribute to the island — the hog penny and Davidrose pendants hang together for a result that is “purely Bermudian”.

“I have a big closet,” she laughed. “A lot of things, I don’t get to wear because we don’t have events like this, so I said today is the day for the white dress.”

Ms Outerbridge continued: “My favourite thing about today has been seeing everyone and just the atmosphere itself.

“It hasn’t been about racing, it’s about everyone being together and having a beautiful day.

“As the month unfolds, I’m looking forward to more people showing up in Bermuda because I hear there will be so many more people here by the end.

“Their experiences and personalities — I’m looking forward to what they’re going to bring to the island.”