Prints inspired by island’s coastline

  • Catherine White (Photograph by David Oliver)
  • Sand (Photographs by Traffic Jam Studio)
  • Shore
  • Horseshoe
  • Brighten up your home: the four prints are available at & Partners in Hamilton
  • Beach

Catherine White has left her mark in interiors worldwide, from Bermuda to Europe to the Middle East.

She is now dipping into the art world with limited edition decorative prints, a byproduct of researching her own line of statement rugs.

Four of her six giclée prints can be found at Par-la-Ville Road gift and design store & Partners. Ms White spoke to Lifestyle about the project.

Q: Tell us about your background as an artist.

A: I see these prints as design pieces, which are meant to be complementary objects within a home. I guess that is blurring the distinction between art and design. The price point and design are meant to be easily accessible and fit many interiors. My first two prints stemmed from rug design concepts which are currently being developed. But aside from that, art and design are often interwoven. My grandmother [Maurine Cooper] was an art historian and artist, and my father [Reginald White] was an architect, so I was immersed in a creative environment growing up, and introduced to art at a young age. I studied at Wimbledon School of Art in London, before attending The Nottingham Trent University to study interior architecture and design.

How has your style evolved? Who or what are your influences?

Early on, I was perhaps more concerned with pleasing others and creating perfect images. As my design career developed and I learnt new techniques, I became more interested in colour, proportion and detail, and creating designs or art which reflected my interpretation of what I saw — or what I specifically found engaging or exciting about the environment that surrounded me. Influences include Bridget Riley, David Hockney, Georgia O’Keeffe and Winslow Homer.

How did the collaboration with & Partners come about?

I was introduced to [Peter Lapsley and Andrea Sundt] by a friend who was a fan of their new store. I popped in and showed them my new collection and they were keen to collaborate on bringing these prints to the Bermuda market, as the subject matter and the style fits in well with the ethos they are trying to create.

Can you tell me the story behind each print?

Horseshoe: The colours of a specific piece of rock on Horseshoe Beach had red, yellow algae, and the pink sand contrasting with the grey limestone rock. The colours were just very interesting to me, as were the proportions. The image is only a small part of the rock as I wanted to focus on these elements, rather than the rock itself.

Beach: This is very simple and concise. The view from lying on a towel on John Smith’s Bay. There are different blues, different tones of the sand, from wet to dry. The proportions of the piece are intended to be relaxing and can return you to that spot wherever in the world you are.

Sand: One of the most striking features of Bermuda is the pink sand, and I love the patterns it makes on the beach. The gradient of pink is both delicate and dramatic at the same time. This is more abstracted, and an interpretation of my experience. The dots represent the water draining away.

Shore: The view from a good friend’s house out to the Great Sound. The contrast of the lush grass, grey limestone to the clear water and out the other side of the island and the proportions of this were interesting to me. Not the typical Bermuda vista you would expect, but nonetheless a very beautiful view. I like finding beauty in unexpected places.

Will we be seeing more in the future? If so, where do you see it going?

I am hoping to release a further print by the end of the summer, and also have pieces which I will be working on from other locations, including New York, Paris and London.<;/i>