Mighty Crown to play island

  • Not an easy road : Mighty Crown broke out of Japan
  • Mighty Crown foundation selector Sami T
  • Class act: Mighty Crown: The Far East rulers will hit Bermuda this weekend as part of their world tour

Mighty Crown: The Far East Rulers will hit Bermuda this weekend as part of their world tour.

Snorkel Park Beach will play host to the seven-time World Clash champions for Rewind: Reggae Pon De Beach.

Hailing from Yokohama, Japan, Sami T, Masta Simon, Ninja Crown and Coije maintain a clothing line, magazine, and some of the countryís biggest dancehall events, including the Reggae Sai festival.

Joining them at Saturdayís old-school, reggae night will be local acts OGS Genesis, King Firestone, Black Star and Lenky Boy Movement.

Mighty Crown foundation selector Sami T spoke to Lifestyle ahead of the event.

Q Looking back on the past 26 years, how was it breaking out of Japan into the worldwide reggae scene?

A Itís been long work, but Iím very thankful to the part I have reached as a sound man. Itís not an easy road, like Buju [Banton] says. At least the whole world knows that Japan rocks to reggae and dancehall as well.

Q When you first started playing internationally, Choy Aming brought you down to Bermudaís Clayhouse Inn. Do you have any stories from those early days?

A I still remember that there were two youths who started fighting and the dance done still. But before war broke out, the dance was full of vibes ó before the chairs were flying.

Q What are you most looking forward to and what have been your most memorable trips here?

A The beaches, the vibes especially.

This islandís got so much love for the music. I love playing in Bermuda.

The last trip was very welcoming and the time when I came with David Rodigan, that was an unforgettable night. Vibes was crazy.

Q It has been 18 years since you won your first World Clash in New York with Killamanjaro and Tony Matterhorn. How have things changed since then?

A That was the first international bust I should say. Everybody was like, ĎOh the Japanese are so lucky.í They think it was just like a gimmick, and when we came back out we destroyed it. Since then, we got like 20-something trophies in our office. I never really counted.

Many things have changed, but what hasnít changed is the love for the music.

Iíve been touring the world all up till now and met a crazy amount of people that we can relate to. [To be] able to know and travel all over the place, has been amazing.

Q What are you excited about in todayís reggae scene?

A It still has that authentic vibe and watching these youths making it in life is great to see.

Q Who has been your most difficult opponent in a clash?

A Probably Squingy and DJ Mark from Bass Odyssey. Those days were pure excitement.

And definitely the masters in sound clash ó Trooper, Panther, Matterhorn, Links and Squingy; watching and learning through them and being able to reach a point that I can compete with them.

Q When is your next clash?

A Our next clash is the Welcome to Jamrock cruise Clash at Sea. I won two in a row [and Iím] going for the third.

Rewind: Reggae Pon De Beach starts 10pm. Advance tickets: $35 at, Jamaican Grill, Fish & Tings, Caesarís Pharmacy, Kit Ďní Caboodle and Snorkel Park Beach. Tickets also available at the door. VIP tickets, $85 (available only on, include a buffet dinner and three drinks.