Jaime a model professional

  • Top Model Worldwide UK finalist Jaime Proctor (Photograph by Rich de Whittaker)
  • Top Model Worldwide UK finalist Jaime Proctor (Photograph by Rich de Whittaker)

An agent, a modelling contract, her picture in British Vogue — it’s all a possibility for Jaime Proctor.

She’s one of 42 finalists hoping to win Top Model Worldwide 2018.

“The runway show in the competition is watched by agents and photographers,” said the 14-year-old, who was chosen from more than 4,000 applicants.

“Some of the models are featured in Vogue magazine. I would love to be in Vogue. I’m really excited.”

Her journey began in 2016 after she went to Diane Maughan for beauty tips.

The retired model was friends with her mother, Heather Montgomery. She’d mentored Alisa Bernardo, the late Sophie Fraser-Smith and Gina Swainson, Miss World 1979, and thought she saw something in Jaime.

“I thought I was done with coaching, but when I met Jaime I thought I’d do it one more time,” said Ms Maughan.

“Her bone structure, her height and size appealed to me. She has a lovely expression on her face almost permanently. Jaime has brains and the strength of character to be a really good model.”

Despite that, Jaime’s dream is to be a doctor like her mother.

“I want to be a paediatrician,” she said. “I love working with children. I think I just like the fashion itself, and how it is always changing. I like seeing how it looks on people.

“I like how you have to really sell the clothing. You have to show the audience that this is why you should buy this, without even saying anything.”

Ms Maughan pulled a few strings to introduce Jaime to London Fashion Week in September. Although she was too young to model, Jaime got a job helping out in the fitting rooms.

Ms Maughan said: “I mentioned that a former student of mine, Alisa Bernardo, had participated and gone on to Top Model Worldwide and did very well in that. She became very interested.”

Jaime said: “It was fantastic. It really opened my eyes to how fashion works. Going there, I didn’t really know what to expect.

“I didn’t bump into any celebrity models, but I was working with couture designers like Omar Mansoor and Yuvna Kim. It gave me an idea what to expect when I go to Top Model in April.”

She was particularly excited when Yuvna Kim offered to make her a dress for Top Model Worldwide.

“We still have to check to see if that’s all right,” the BHS student said.

She’s had practice since, modelling for Front Street retailers Lusso and Alexandra Mosher.

“I have also had my photo taken by Diane’s son, Rich de Whittaker, who is a photographer,” she said.

To get into Top Model Worldwide, Jaime had to go through an interview process and show her runway walk.

She is also required to raise at least 500 for Children with Cancer UK and that money will go towards childhood cancer research.

She found out she was a finalist last summer.

“I’m excited to be taking part in it,” she said.

However, her school work will always come first.

“If she gets a modelling contract from the competition, we’ll ask if she can work in the summer,” said Ms Maughan. “I will be at the competition watching over her.

“I can’t be with her all the time, but I’ve told her that if an agent approaches her she is not to accept anything until she talks it over with her parents and myself.”

The winner will be announced at the Hilton London Metropole on April 7. Another Bermudian, 17-year-old Samantha Warren, is also competing. Read about her next week.

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