You batter believe it

  • Pancake artist Jasmine Rezonable is here this weekend for Taste of Bermuda 2019 (Photograph supplied)
  • Art you can eat: pancake artist Jasmine Rezonable has come a long way, refining her first effort, bottom right, into the successful business she runs today
  • Pancake artist Jasmine Rezonable is here this weekend for Taste of Bermuda 2019 (Photograph supplied)
  • Pancake artist Jasmine Rezonable is here this weekend for Taste of Bermuda 2019 (Photograph supplied)
  • Jasmine Rezonable’s first attempt at pancake art (Photograph supplied)

Jasmine Rezonable stumbled across pancake art on Instagram and thought it would make a great business.

Her mother wasn’t so sure — she was not an artist and had no culinary experience. But fate played into her hands.

“Funny enough, I read a study that same week that said that as humans, the way we learn and develop new skills, we can technically learn any skill in the world that we put our minds to,” said Ms Rezonable, who has had huge success with Get Caked since starting the business in Los Angeles, California, last year.

She will put her skills to the test here this weekend, as part of Taste of Bermuda 2019.

“We love what we do, but whenever someone flies me out, I feel pressure,” laughed the 23-year-old who will be working the griddle with her partner, Alexus Raquel.

“We’ll be at the Bacardi Bartender Competition and at Dining in the Dark, but the big day for us is the Tasting Village on Sunday, when we’ll be making pancake art for all of Bermuda.”

Before Get Caked, Jasmine worked briefly at Target and as a customer service supervisor. More recently, she sold cars.

“I just liked connecting with people. I’m a talker,” she said. “But none of it was creative. I remember being on the job and sketching all the time and [finally] told myself I’m at the point where I’m done working for other people.”

Although without the skills she imagined necessary for her business plan, she put her faith in the study she had read.

“I was immediately inspired and I went out and bought a bottle [to pour the batter on to the griddle] and made my very first pancake,” she said.

“I sent a picture to my mom out of excitement. My mom is my biggest supporter. She has always pushed me to do the greatest things I could and to achieve the most I could. She believes in me and thinks I can do anything [and] she said: ‘Don’t quit your day job.’”

Ultimately she did.

“I started doing events in 2018 for non-profits, for emergency shelters,” said Ms Rezonable, whose company has since grown to a team of five.

“I was nervous to take it to the public, but people started talking and posting pictures and one day someone messaged me and said, ‘Hey, do you do it as a party?’

“Everything changed after that. But really it was just through people’s generosity and kindness that this business is what it has become today.”

Practice also helped move the company forward. She “drew constantly, every single day”.

“Even after I’d been working all day, I would still go home and make pancakes. On weekends when my friends were going out clubbing, I said: ‘No, I’m going home to make pancakes.’ I made a bunch of choices that got me to where I am today.”

The company’s motto is ‘if you can imagine it, we can create it’. Ms Rezonable’s requests have ranged from superheroes to pets to pop stars.

“As long as you can give us a picture, we can create it for you on the spot,” she said.

“The learning process was very difficult. At first, I started making them on a stove and then I switched to an electric grill and then another [brand] because it was better. I’ve gone through four different pancake mixes. I would say to learn everything took me about a year.”

Perhaps the greatest challenge was making sure that the pancake batter did not burn.

“Sometimes, if I put the outline down and it cooks too fast, you won’t see the design. It’s a race against the heat of the grill and how fast you can lay everything down.”

According to Ms Rezonable, her treats taste as good as they look. And as hers is one of only two pancake art companies in the world, Bermuda spectators are in for a unique show. She is looking forward to it.

“I’d heard of Bermuda before, but you can only dream of coming to a place like this,” she said.

“When Jessica [Astwood, the event project manager] at City Hall reached out, I almost thought it was a joke. Sometimes it blows my mind that clients want to [have me for an event].

“She offered a great opportunity to come out and make pancake art and I could not pass on that opportunity.”

Learn more about Jasmine Rezonable at Look for @getcakedla on Instagram and Facebook. Taste of Bermuda 2019 events run today through Sunday. For tickets and information: