Dining out in the Covid-19 era

  • Outdoor dining now available at the Crown & Anchor Terrace at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club (Photograph supplied)
  • One of the dishes on offer at Crown & Anchor Terrace at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club (Photograph by Steven Hardy)
  • Crown & Anchor Terrace at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is now offering outdoor and indoor dining (Photograph supplied)

Interested in eating out again but not sure how safe it is?

The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club invited this reporter to a meal at the hotel’s Crown & Anchor Terrace to see what dining out was like in the Covid-19 era.

“We know some people have been nervous eating out again after so long, but we have been overwhelmed by the positive responses our diners have shared with us,” said Shawn Lekki, the hotel’s assistant food and beverage director. “We are seeing unprecedented numbers of positive online reviews and it’s extremely gratifying to hear that people are enjoying spending a night out with us.”

My evening out with my husband began with a temperature check at the hotel’s main entrance. Our temperatures normal, we were allowed to proceed to dinner after a quick squirt of hand sanitiser.

We had to wear masks when we entered the building, but could take them off once we took our seats. The hotel gave us a little bag to put them in, and had a hook on the side of the table to hang it.

We then had time to admire the newly built overhang — in the works since last Christmas — that graces Crown & Anchor.

“It was always our plan to have a stylish outdoor space in which our guests can enjoy the fresh air while sheltering from the elements,” Mr Lekki said.

The dining experience was an introvert’s paradise. With at least six feet of space between each table it made for a much more intimate experience.

“We know that some people have concerns about being too close to those outside their household, but we’ve heard again and again how impressed guests are with how spaced out things are at Crown & Anchor,” Mr Lekki said.

Diners are encouraged to download an electronic version of the menu and wine list onto their mobile phones. However, disposable paper copies of the menu are now available on request.

Crispy buttermilk cauliflower, penne short rib ragu, fish chowder, pan-seared red snapper and shepherd’s pie were among the choices.

At the end of the meal, we had to spoon our leftovers into takeout containers provided by staff, to cut down on physical contact.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience that I would recommend.

After months of calculating whether we had enough food to last until the next shopping or delivery day, it felt pleasant to eat out again, even with all the new safety measures in place.

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