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BCL to replace Oleander with new ship

  • Lifeline: BCL has ordered a new vessel to replace container ship the Oleander, which is to be retired after shipping goods to Bermuda for more than 25 years

The operators of one of Bermuda’s lifelines has signed up for a replacement ship.

Shipping firm BCL has ordered a new Oleander to replace the current vessel, which has been in service for a quarter of a century.

John Wight, chairman of the Board of BCL, explained: “In order to continue to meet the demands of today’s market and to maintain the fast, efficient service for which BCL is known, we needed to execute a plan to bring online an updated, upgraded vessel.

“The new ship will be the most technologically-advanced vessel serving Bermuda. It will be outfitted to carry dry and refrigerated containers, trucks, cars and other wheeled equipment, along with oversized project cargo.

“The vessel will be equipped with fuel-efficient main and auxiliary engines as well as leading-edge loading and cargo carrying capability.

“Further, as we think about long-term sustainability and environmental responsibility, we have ensured that the new ship will incorporate the capability to convert to liquid natural gas operation, which many see as a game-changer for shipping in the future.”

Barry Brewer, CEO of BCL, added: “We are making this investment and designing this vessel with all our Bermudian customers in mind.

“Investing in a world-class, high-performing shipping service is investing in the future of Bermuda.

“Residents and businesses alike will benefit from the cost efficiencies and features designed into this ship”.

The ship, which will inherit its predecessor’s name, will be custom-designed for Bermuda’s unique requirement and is expected to be in service at the start of 2019.

BCL provides a weekly ocean freight service from the port of New York to Bermuda and is owned by Neptune Group Ltd, headquartered in Hamilton Bermuda.

Bermuda Container Line has been in operation, providing weekly container and roll on/roll off service from Port Elizabeth New Jersey, since 1979.