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One promises web speeds of up to 200 Mbps

  • High speed: One is promising faster internet speeds from its new FibreWire network

Telecoms firm One Communications yesterday promised internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps after hundreds of miles of new fibre optic cabling and support equipment are installed.

Frank Amaral, One’s chief executive officer, said: “Our plans to provide better value for internet services are with the Regulatory Authority.

“As a regulated access provider our new FibreWire plans must be approved in advance by the regulator.

“Once approved and the new network is activated in a neighbourhood, One’s FibreWire internet will be available to consumers with plans of up to 200 Mbps to the home or small business.”

The massive project to replace existing cables is expected to be finished by the third quarter of this year.

Mr Amaral said: “We are working hard to get our new network on line, and as a result our timeline for completion has been moved up.

“With additional specialists added to our current workforce, we look forward to completing this extensive project in a much shorter timeframe.”

He added: “Wired networks like ours have been proven to provide faster, more price effective and reliable internet services than wireless systems.

“Our FibreWire network has been engineered with the future in mind to provide even faster gigabit plus speeds when the market demands these services.”

And Mr Amaral said: “Customers with One Communications’ internet service will be pleased to know that once FibreWire is ready to offer, upgrading will be simple.

“Once approvals are in place, and depending upon the service plan currently being subscribed to, many of our customers will be automatically upgraded to the new higher speeds at the same price that they are currently paying. So there won’t be a need to call in to sign up for the improved service.”

He added that — in most cases — technician assistance will not be required as existing modem equipment can be used.

Mr Amaral said: “This means that extra cabling into a home or small business will not be necessary. The overall process will be quick and easy.”

The upgraded cable network comes as One expands its 4G LTE coverage across the island, which is expected to be completed by the fall.

The company is also planning a full overhaul of its TV services this year, subject to regulatory approvals.