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Ex-banker offers lifestyle concierge service

  • Lifestyle concierge: former BCB executive  Tasha Jones has launched a new service

A former bank executive has branched out on her own with a new service designed to bring services given to private banking customers to a wider public.

Tasha Jones, former head of commercial banking at Clarien Bank, said that super-rich clients benefited from concierge services from banks which were denied to ordinary customers.

But she said many individuals and families in Bermuda had millions of dollars worth of property, although they might not have huge sums in banks.

Now she has founded MacroAdvisory, a personal financial and lifestyle concierge, to help people manage their estates from under one roof.

Ms Jones explained: “Using a combination of lifestyle, concierge and family office approaches, MacroAdvisory offers consulting services for individuals, families and businesses to facilitate personal and business solutions for their exclusive advantage.”

Ms Jones, who has around 30 years of experience in commercial and private banking in the US and Bermuda, said: “There is a lack of resources to give a full family office, private banking approach to these types of clients who might not be high net worth but definitely have assets that need protecting.”

She added: “This is something I identified was needed by very typical Bermudian families who just don’t get the attention. It’s a void in the market and something that is missed.

“There are people who have net worth in eight figures but because they don’t have $500,000 in the bank, the private banking sector don’t pay any attention to that. Anywhere else in the world, they would get that attention.

“Also, the people themselves don’t think they’re worth that because people who provide that kind of service tell them they don’t.”

Ms Jones said that many people had asset managers and other finance professionals working for them — but they did not work together.

She explained: “I have a client where I’m looking at her portfolio statements with different asset managers and basically looking at it all at once and seeing if there are any redundancies there.”

And she added she had also prepared a financial model for a start-up business and designed it “so it could be used for future financial reports and also used to restructure the business plan.”

Ms Jones said that clients paid a retainer based on how many hours they will need for their financial affairs to be managed.

She added: “It’s a bit like what you do when you retain a lawyer or a trust company. What’s different is that, for six or twelve months, I agree to do whatever I am asked to do under that retainer.

“That way when people are calling me they don’t have to worry about me charging any extra fees per hour because they have already paid a retainer.”

And Ms Jones said the services offered by MacroAdvisory included personal matters — like helping clients source a particular breed of dog, either in Bermuda or overseas, and assisting people moving back to Bermuda with immigration matters.

Ms Jones, who began the process of setting up MacroAdvisory last year, said that she would work from her Warwick home.

She added: “I’m mobile so my clients don’t have to worry about coming to town.

“I don’t at this point need office space but hopefully I will get to that stage where I have to hire staff and get office space.”

Ms Jones said: “There is a need for this kind of service — people with a small business or two, maybe close to retirement age with a home and an investment property, with children at home or living abroad.

“These kind of people could use a macro level, comprehensive report looking at their assets and accountants, lawyers and others working together for their exclusive benefit.

“Even young professionals need some guidance as well.”

She added: “This is something I identified was needed by very typical Bermudian families who just don’t get the attention. It’s a void in the market and something that is missed.

“I’m also looking at partnering with Government, sending some suggestions and recommendations from some of the projects which are going on.

“I’ve also met with the Bermuda Business Development Agency and identified a couple of business plans which could bring additional jobs here.”

Ms Jones can be contacted at https://www.macroadvisorybytj.com