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Taxi app Hitch notches up its 30,000th trip

  • Calling a cab: the taxi booking app Hitch has reached a number of milestones since launching less than 18 months ago

Taxi booking app Hitch has hit the 30,000 mark for trips.

The service, launched less than 18 months ago, has also notched up 6,500 customers and paid out more than $600,000 to its 230 taxi drivers.

Owen Darrell, chairman of Hitch, said: “The growth of Hitch in such a short amount of time has been extremely encouraging.

“We really feel supported by the community, and new drivers are regularly getting on to the platform.

“We encourage any driver looking to access more passengers to download the app to increase their earnings.

“Additionally, to mark the milestone and in appreciation of our users, we’ll be randomly selecting from our database one passenger and one driver to each win a prize of $50.”

Hitch allows users to get a fare estimate, instant confirmation and track their taxi’s progress in real time.

Fares can also be split between account holders and with all billing completed electronically, Hitch eliminates the need to carry cash when taking a taxi.

Hitch was awarded top honours in the 2015 TechAwards for most innovative mobile application.

Steven Douglas, a taxi operator, said: “I love Hitch. It’s modernised the entire booking process and allows me to handle my finances better with the automatic electronic payments.

“It’s convenient for both myself and my passengers and I don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of cash around at once and making constant bank deposits.”

Island resident David Spear said he started using Hitch after his bike broke down and he had to rely on taxis.

He added: “But once I started using Hitch, life became way more easier and I find that rides are more readily available.

“It’s so easy that I haven’t even bothered buying a new vehicle.”

The service has proved a hit with overseas business visitors to the island as well.

Eduardo Magana, from Mexico City, said: “As a business visitor, renting a moped to travel to meetings just isn’t practical.

“I was taking taxis multiple times a day, but using cash was frustrating because of constant visits to the ATM and the expensing difficulties.

“Then a local told me about Hitch. I signed up on the spot and it has my trip so much easier. I can use my overseas credit card and I don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of cash around at once and making constant bank deposits.”

Customers can download Hitch through the Apple App Shop for iPhone or the Google Play store for Android devices. There is no cost to register and the service can be used immediately.

Taxi drivers who want to sign up Hitch can call 23-Hitch or e-mail support@hitch.bm. More information at www.hitch.bm