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OM to offer ‘cold-pressed slushies’ at show

  • Healthy choices: Preston James, founder of OM Juicery, which will be selling a new product, cold-pressed juice slushies, at the Agricultural Exhibition (Photograph supplied)
  • Fresh flavours: where possible, OM Juicery uses organic and local produce in its smoothies and juices. OM Juicery will be selling a new product, cold-pressed juice slushies, at the Agricultural Exhibition this week (Photograph supplied)
  • Natural ingredients: a selection of cold-pressed juices from OM Juicery (Photograph supplied)

Cold-pressed juice slushies that are believed to be a first for the island, will be served at the Agricultural Exhibition this week.

OM Juicery will be providing a range of “live, healthy and organic” food at the three-day event in the Botanical Gardens, which starts today.

Preston James, who runs the Hamilton-based business, is looking forward to returning to the event with a wider range of products, including the new cold-pressed slushies.

He said that last year many customers looking for a healthy option were eager to purchase their fruit cups.

Having moved into new premises in Elliot Street earlier this year, OM Juicery is keen to increase awareness of its offerings.

“We know both children and adults will enjoy the fresh selection we will be bringing to the show scene,” said Mr James, who founded the business.

“We are on a mission to introduce tasty cold-pressed juices, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food. Our intention is to provide whole foods to the people and we firmly believe eating and drinking leafy greens, vegetables and fruit is imperative to feeling great.”

Om Juicery will offer kale and mango smoothies, infused water, fruit cups, frozen fruit skewers, and an Om Bowl, featuring rice, zesty lentils and leafy greens.

Regarding the cold-pressed slushies, Mr James said they will be made from locally sourced ingredients and available in two flavours.

The company will also be selling a variety of fresh, live, organic cold-pressed juices.

A portion of OM Juicery’s proceeds from the show will be donated to the Chewstick Foundation.

Om Juicery has a website at www.omjuicery.net and can be contacted on e-mail at preston@omjuicery.net