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ClearWater providing AC35 hydration stations

  • On tap: a ClearWater hydration station

Water company ClearWater is capitalising on the America’ Cup.

For the firm will provide hydration stations at the event, which is to be a plastic bottle-free zone.

Kevin Lanthier, general manager of the company, said: “This event is promoting a plastic bottle ban, which makes the need for our hydration stations pivotal to the success of the event.”

ClearWater teamed up with Bluewater Group and Elkay International to design, build and service six custom-made hydration stations featuring the BlueWater Spirit 300 SuperiorOsmosis system, which can produce more than 40 gallons (151 litres) of high-quality drinking water per hour.

Mr Lanthier said: “The stations dispense drinking water with the Elkay ezH20 bottling filling stations. Elkay and ClearWater also will supply and service their premium Blubar line and Fontemanga Bridge line of water dispensers for the VIP locations.

“Bluewater is a major sponsor for Team Artemis Racing from Sweden, a highly favoured contender in the America’s Cup.

“Bluewater and ClearWater will supply Team Artemis with a state-of-the-art, virtually zero-waste drinking water programme.

“Using Bluewater’s purifier, we have been able to turn the 100 per cent rainwater harvesting programme into a premium drinking water programme.”