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Never too young to be stylish

  • Model child: Ava Jatto, aged six months, wears some of the trendy baby clothes mother Shira Jatto sells online at Pink Sand Baby Boutique (Photograph supplied)
  • Baby boutique: Shira Jatto, owner of online store Pink Sand Baby Boutique and baby daughter Ava, who is wearing some of the international collection her mother sells online (Photograph supplied)
  • Koala kit: Fashionwear from Australia featuring koala bears are among the clothes Pink Sand Baby Boutique is now selling in Bermuda (Photograph supplied)

A new online store specialising in boutique fashion for babies has launched.

Pink Sand Baby Boutique sells an international selection of practical baby clothes with a dash of design flair.

Shira Jatto, who set up the site less than a month ago, said she was inspired to start the business after having her own daughter Ava, now aged six months.

Ms Jatto added: “It’s going well — people seem to be really interested in the online side of things and it’s really taken off in Bermuda recently.

“People do a lot of online shopping overseas and it’s nice they can do online shopping BDA. People shop online and we deliver.”

The boutique offers clothing and other goods from up-and-coming brands from London, the US, Canada and Australia — including clothes made from organic cotton.

Designers include Aster and Oak, Huxbaby, Baby Banz and Cheeky Chickadee, all from Australia, Cribstar from London, Portage and Main from Canada and Sweet n Swag from the US.

In addition to shorts, shirts and romper suits, the Pink Sand site features bandanas, moccasins, hats and ear defenders.

The clothes, for babies and toddlers from 0-3 years old, are mostly in organically produced cottons, many with Global Organic Textile Standards International certification.

Ms Jatto said: “I have a six-month-old baby and I was always shopping for her to get trendy things. People were always saying she had the cutest clothes so I decided to bring this to Bermuda to give people another option.”

She added: “It’s a lot of new brands for Bermuda — newer brands that have come up in the last few years. I’m trying to follow the trends and bring in new items for Bermuda.

“And we don’t bring in a lot of each size because everyone wants their kids to be unique.”

Ms Jatto, who works in marketing for a major company in Hamilton, said: “I look at the current trends — there seems to be a lot of monochrome, especially for the boys’ clothes and a lot of unisex.

“But I just think ‘would I put that on my own child?’ I’ve always had a passion for fashion and once I had a baby, that turned into a passion for baby clothes.”

Ms Jatto added: “People seem to be very happy with not only the customer service but the quality of the items and the selection and we have lots more to come.”

She said: “Some brands are organic, some are GOTS-certified and some aren’t organic. We’ve got a variety of things.”

Ms Jatto said she had considered a bricks-and-mortar store — but intended to concentrate on building the business online for the foreseeable future.

She added: “For Bermuda, the online is really picking up. It gives them the convenience of delivery and that’s what I’m thinking about at the moment.”

For more information, visit https://pinksandbabyboutique.com, on Instagram at pinksandbabybda and on Facebook at pinksandbaby.