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Auto Solutions to host ladies’ night

  • Natural mechanic: a picture on the flyer for the Auto Solutions ladies' night

Car dealer Auto Solutions is to host its first ladies’ night to teach women the basics of car maintenance.

The free event, which will also feature road safety tips from the Bermuda Police Service, aims to build women’s confidence, teach them basic maintenance and change flat tyres without having to call for assistance.

Harry Andrews, sales and operations manager at the Pembroke garage, said: “We are just trying to educate the population and we’re zooming in on ladies at the moment to give them some tips on their cars.

“They will learn how to change a tyre and the importance of regular maintenance, not to do it themselves, but to realise how important it is.

“Knowledge is power and it’s about getting an understanding of the basic stuff and give them the opportunity to ask questions.

“It’s about being comfortable with what they’re driving and being comfortable with their vehicles.”

The event, to be held at Auto Solutions on Thursday, July 20, between 6pm and 7.30pm, will focus on safety, with participants shown how to check fluids like oil and windscreen washers, tyre changing and the importance of maintaining the correct tyre pressure and how to jump-start a car using jump leads.

Mr Andrews said: “Something as simple as tyre pressure is key to the way a car handles. If the pressure is too low, it makes the car more difficult to steer and makes tyres more vulnerable to punctures as well.”

“Topping up window washer fluid, as simple as that seems, has a safety implication and a lot of people don’t know how to do that.

“And understanding how the oil dipstick reads is crucial — overfilling with oil is just as bad as not having enough. We want to know they can read the dipstick levels and be proactive with their maintenance.”

Mr Andrews added: “More and more women are independent and they want to know their cars, how to do things and fix things and why it’s important to fix things.

“Everyone should have a basic knowledge of how to fix a vehicle.”

He said: “It’s also to give an understanding of the technology involved in vehicles these days as well as seeing our workshop so women can get a feel for what it looks like and what the work entails.”

He added: “We also want customers to build a rapport with our technicians, managers and sales staff. The customer is key for us and we want to be sure we’re building these good relationships.”

He added: “The plan is to launch this and have them on a regular basis. It’s not just going to be one-off.”

Anyone interested in attending the event should RSVP to terry@autosolutions.bm