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Essential oils business sees interest grow

  • Following their passion: Mark and Mariam Boothe run an essential oil enterprise and hold seminars to share their knowledge about the use of essential oils (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
  • Many choices: some of the essential oils and blends sold by Essentials (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
  • Following their passion: Mark and Mariam Boothe run an essential oil enterprise and hold seminars to share their knowledge about the use of essential oils (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Life has changed for Mark and Mariam Boothe since they discovered essential oils four years ago, and now they are running their own essential oils enterprise and sharing their knowledge.

They order essential oils from quality sources and mix them to create blends that can be used in various ways, such as through a diffuser or rubbed into the skin.

Customers use the oils to improve their wellbeing.

The couple stress they are not doctors, and that the oils do not heal anything but can help alleviate symptoms, such as headaches or allergies.

The Boothes and many of their customers have seen benefits. The couple has also noted an increased interest in essential oils.

“The word is definitely spreading quickly, and I believe people are in a more holistic space. This is just one of the steps people are doing to take control of their health,” said Mrs Boothe.

Essential oils have been used since Biblical days. Mr and Mrs Boothe developed a passion to educate people about the natural benefits of essential oils.

Mr Boothe said: “I was having a discussion with my friend about the Bible, and he asked me if I have heard about frankincense and myrrh, which I didn’t know about.

“Once I started doing my research I realised that the health benefits were amazing and it blew my mind how it could be used for the body.”

The couple did a lot of research and have accumulated an in-depth knowledge. They said that just as people have an immune system, so do plants. A plant’s natural oils can help protect it from insects and bacteria.

They said the oils work in the same way for the human body.

Mrs Boothe explained that once an essential oil enters a person through breathing in the fragrance or by skin absorption, it finds its place.

Essential oils are concentrated and potent, and Mr Boothe recommends using only a small amount. He said the oils are good for aliments in the body, noting that in Bermuda a lot of people suffer from allergies and asthma, which can be aggravated by mould in Bermudian homes.

“Our daughter suffered from asthma and she used to wake up congested and with hay fever symptoms. Since we started using the allergy blend which is lemon oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil within a diffuser she no longer suffers.”

They couple have seen other success stories. Mrs Boothe mentions a co-worker who suffered from migraine headaches. She put a drop of the peppermint and lavender on her forehead.

She said: “My co-worker described it as feeling like water running down her face. She was healed from it.

“Another good blend I created was the menstrual blend which helps with menstruation cramps. I am getting a lot of great feedback from that.”

The couple’s business is called Essentials. They are particular about where they source their oils, and with good reason. While many companies sell essential oils they are not all the same.

Mr Boothe said: “It all starts from the soil. If the soil isn’t good then the oils wouldn’t be either.”

As an example, he said frankincense and myrrh come from Ethiopia and Somalia, so oils produced in another country, such as the US, are unlikely to be of the same quality.

“It really needs to be sourced from those African countries,” he said.

“Another thing is some companies are putting fillers, additives and preservatives, into the oils. This takes away the natural benefits. We make sure we get the most authentic oils straight from the source.”

Mr and Mrs Boothe mix the oils themselves and order them online from companies they researched, including Your Living, doTerra, Floracopeia, and Stillpoint Aromatics. These companies get the oils directly from African countries.

Some of the oils can be used on children. They also have a special oil for babies, called Gentle Baby, which can help soothe babies, and an oil for mothers which may diminish stretch marks.

The oils can be ingested, absorbed through the skin, or used in diffusers.

“Just put one or two drops in the diffuser and it helps you breathe in the oils. You can also leave the diffuser on all day as it is just water and oils so there is no fire hazards to worry about,” said Mrs Boothe.

The couple have other natural products, including toothpaste, deodorant and essential oil books which cover the background of the oils.

“We encourage people to do their research before they use any of our oils,” said Mr Boothe.

The oils vary in price from $20 up to $350 depending on the size of the bottle and the type of oil, while diffusers cost between $50 and $65.

Once a month the couple hold a seminar at their home and encourage people to come and learn more about the holistic journey to better health, and to ask questions. The next seminar is the end of this month.

The couple also recommend teachers come and learn about how to use essential oils in a diffuser in classrooms to combat bacteria, mould and also to calm students. They say oils have bee used to enhance clarity and for students who suffer from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Mr and Mrs Boothe can be contacted on 297-8281 or by e-mail at Markboothe5775@gmail.com.