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Workouts prove a hit with pregnant women

  • Relaxing workout: pictured at the Feel Good Spa, from left, are mother Katie Tudor-Thomas, beauty therapist Caroline Bartlett, mother and daughter Caroline and Antonia Alexandra Rees-Davies, and beauty therapist Amanda Richardson (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Feel Good Studio is marking its first anniversary and has found a niche market in pregnant women seeking a low-impact workout.

The toning and rejuvenating centre, on Front Street opposite the ferry terminal, offers the Powertone Pilates System by Shapemaster, a power-assisted workout to improve posture and alignment, increase mobility and lengthen the spine, using the powertone tables.

The tables will put you in a perfect position to exercise without causing stress to the body while actually completing the movement for people to engage the core and concentrate on breathing techniques, making the exercise more effective.

And now its offering a promotion for pregnant women, who have proved to be a significant group of customers for the studio.

Caroline Bartlett, beauty therapist at Feel Good Studio, has been practising in Bermuda for 20 years and has previous experience with the toning table machines in the 1980s.

She said: “The machines have come a long way from the 80s and it also incorporates Pilates which creates slower-paced movements to isolate a targeted area while not overworking your body.”

She assures the workouts are safe for pregnant women and guarantees a relaxing environment.

“I had mothers who have completed up to three terms in pregnancy and had no problems doing the movements,” Ms Bartlett said. “One size fits all machines, we make sure your back is completely secure.”

Caroline Rees Davies, a customer of the studio, completed her term of pregnancy at the studio and had a good experience.

She said: “I decided to try the toning tables out because I wanted a low-impact workout, I wasn’t concerned with any risks because I have always been active doing cross-fit prior to pregnancy.”

Ms Rees Davies has two other children and said this pregnancy and birth was the easiest.

“I kept toned during this pregnancy, with the first two children I had pains in my hips, but with this pregnancy I didn’t have any trouble.”

Ms Rees Davies, recommends the exercises to other pregnant women.

The powertone Pilates is aimed at anyone who wants a low-impact workout.

Ms Bartlett said: “We are now starting to receive references from the doctors for patients who have recently been through surgery and ones who can’t do high-impact workouts. It is also good for athletes who injured themselves or just want to stretch their bodies.

“The machines are good for all generations from age 12 to 92!” she added.

Feel Good Studio claims to be the first to introduce powertone Pilates locally.

“Some people in the corporate world have only an hour for lunch and do not feel like showering so this is a good place to come to get a great workout without having to sweat much,” Ms Bartlett said.

Feel Good Studio also offers a range of other services including facials, waxing, slimming treatments and massages.

The studio takes pride in giving its customers a relaxing, satisfying experience.

“We make sure everyone feels good and special while being completely pampered. If I am giving a facial, I will also give a foot and back massage — it’s all about people having a wonderful experience in the studio,” Ms Bartlett said.

Mrs Bartlett said once the promotion for pregnant women is over they want to do another one for teachers.

“Teachers help everyone else, and I wanted to do something for them,” Ms Bartlett said.

For more information on promotions and treatments visit http://www.feelgoodbermuda.com or call 292-5201