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Janitorial supplies store opens in Pembroke

  • Dirt busters: Shaun Caisey, left, and Ryan Faries demonstrate products at the new Bermuda Janitorial Supply Ltd store in Serpentine Road, Pembroke (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
  • Store opens: Ryan Faries, general manager at BCL Group, which has opened a janitorial supply store on Serpentine Road, Pembroke (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
  • Cleaning business: Shaun Caisey, left, Anna Alves and Ryan Faries with cleaning products outside the new Bermuda Janitorial Supply Ltd store in Serpentine Road, Pembroke (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

The owners of the Bermuda Cleaning Limited have opened a janitorial supplies store located on Serpentine Road, Pembroke, where they now sell commercial grade products to the residential market.

The Faries family has owned the cleaning business for over 40 years and decided now was the perfect time to expand.

Ryan Faries, general manager at BCL Group, said: “We have focused on the cleaning division and have been fortunate enough to obtain much success from it. We have noticed a niche market for this kind of service.”

He mentioned that the store front has always been there.

“I think what we have done over the years is focus more attention to the cleaning industry. What we found is that you need to rely on commercial and reliable products to provide the cleaning customer with a satisfactory product,” said Mr Faries.

The Bermuda Janitorial Supply Ltd store sells all janitorial items, including Bissell vacuum cleaners, which the company used previously in its cleaning division.

Mr Faries stressed how strong and reliable the vacuums are.

“These vacuums are the top of the line and very affordable. We also service the vacuums. If you buy the vacuum and it breaks or something gets damaged on the vacuum we will supply you with a temporary one until we fix yours and deliver directly to you.”

Another service they now provide is in house area rug cleaning, where you can come in and drop off your area rugs, they will give them a shampoo service, treat and hang them and return them for you either by delivery or walk in.

The company has a long standing partnership with Johnson Diversely.

Mr Faries said: “Some of the other items we sell besides vacuums are floor scrub machines and wet dry vacs.”

They also have eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning tools from the Unger line.

“This product line is one of the world’s best products for cleaning equipment such as window squeegees, floor squeegees, and airfresheners. It is a one stop janitorial supply store,” said Mr Faries.

“The cleaning business is our bread and butter and we are excited to bring what we have learnt from it to the janitorial supply store.”

The next step for the company will be the introduction of the online order platform, allowing them to deliver to commercial and residential customers.

“We will also be introducing hydrogen peroxide based air quality control products, which help to combat the mould problems in Bermuda.”

The janitorial supplies store is offering a 10 to 15 per cent discount on selected items until the end of November.

For more information visit the website bermudajanitorial.bm.