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It’s paradise as restaurant success doubles

  • Positive feedback: Alexander Knight, executive chef at the Paradise restaurant in Devonshire
  • New location: Charlton Duncan, executive chef at Paradise restaurant and bakery in St David’s
  • On the menu: Some of the foods sold at Paradise restaurant.

A Caribbean-inspired takeaway restaurant in Devonshire has successfully expanded its service with a second location in St David’s.

The original Paradise restaurant, on Frog Lane, opened its doors last September. A few months ago it added a new takeaway at Lighthouse Hill, St David’s. Both locations have enjoyed positive feedback from customers.

Alexander Knight, a professional cricket umpire and chef at the Devonshire location, said business has been doing well since opening just over a year ago.

Previously he had been working as a chef for a restaurant in Warwick when he was approached to become an executive chef at Paradise.

“A few of the players knew I was a chef and asked me if I would help with this restaurant.” he said.

“Since opening, the feedback has been very positive, especially during football season as residents and tourists will come to watch the game and enjoy the food.”

When owner Dwight Williams noticed the positive response they had received from the community, it was decided to open the second location at St David’s.

Paradise restaurant and bakery, on Lighthouse Hill, offers a similar menu to the Devonshire location. It serves everything from chicken, curry goat, rice and peas, jerk pork and chicken, mac and cheese, stew peas, homemade natural juices, patties and many other authentic Caribbean dishes.

The new restaurant has a team of two chefs and a baker. Charlton Duncan, executive chef, said: “This location has been open about five months and we are getting good clients and doing well.

“We know we have good competition and we are doing our best to keep up.”

They are creating a Christmas menu for the holidays and special orders are being received.

Paradise restaurant is also interested in collaborating with other restaurants to create more business and grow its franchise.

Opening hours for both locations are 11am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday.

For more information contact 824-3118 or e-mail paradiserestaurant@gmail.com. Paradise restaurant is located within the Devonshire Recreation Facility.