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Twenty years of helping to make learning fun

  • Educational passion: Shunna Muhammad, owner of The Learning World, shows off some of the shop’s merchandise (Photograph by Kijani Burgess)
  • Store merchandise: a range of items from The Learning World (Photograph by Kijani Burgess)

For two decades, The Learning World has been supporting education through the supply of resources that help children to learn.

Shunna Muhammad, the owner of the teacher supply and educational toy shop on Farmstead Lane, Sandys, said her own entrepreneurial spirt and the support of her family were key to the business’s success.

The store provides educational resources, classroom essentials, bulletin board creations, educational toys, games, school supplies and various other materials for a variety of subject areas.

Mrs Muhammad said: “This business is more than just me. I have family and friends that support me and I am very appreciative.

“My husband built our existing building on his own; brick by brick. My parents and children assist me in the store. My sister is a graphic designer, she designs all my ads.”

Mrs Muhammad believes her merchandise helps to make educational professionals’ lives easier as it enhances the beauty of the classroom.

“Our toys are educational and they also foster good thinking skills,” she added.

Mrs Muhammad envisaged starting her own business from a young age.

“I was always selling things,” she said. “At the age of ten, I used my mom’s grater to shave ice to make snowballs for the neighbourhood children.

“When I was a teenager I used my dad’s peddler’s licence to sell clothes. I mostly brought my own sized clothing, just in case they didn’t sell and I’d keep them for myself.

“In my early 20s I started tutoring children. I enjoyed working with children. I used half of my parents’ garage to set up a tutoring area, which I called ‘The Learning Lab’.

“While visiting abroad, I would look for educational materials that would make learning fun for my students. I purchased hands-on materials that would engage them and give them a clearer understanding of concepts.

“As I was making purchases for myself I started purchasing additional items for teachers that I would sell from the other half of my parent’s garage. Hence, The Learning World was born and the car no longer fit in the garage,” she added.

Mrs Muhammad believes that there was a niche in the market but her passion made it all come into fruition. She described the store as “eye candy for teachers”.

She stressed that the business is not only for teachers and schools, but also for parents and anyone else who buys educational materials for children.

For more information, visit the website http://www.tlwbda.com or instagram @tlwofbda