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Confidentiality key for online adult store

  • Fun business: JeDuntee Minors, owner of Nawty Kitty Bermuda

With wedding season about to start, a local online adult store is offering some interesting options for brides.

Nawty Kitty Bermuda aims to cater to anyone wanting to spice up their life — and its owner appreciates the importance of confidentiality.

JeDuntee Minors decided to start the business in 2008 while overseas in university.

“My friend and I were invited to a bridal shower and did not have a gift, so we decided we would buy one afterwards,” Ms Minors said.

“To our surprise they had a lady at the shower selling lingerie and other products that the bride picked out, so it was like a bridal registry but at the event.”

She and her friend thought the idea was great and wanted to start their own business.

“When we left the event the lightbulb went off,” she added.

The pair did their research and reached out to distributors, including the one at the bridal shower they attended.

At the outset, Ms Minors admitted to having preconceived ideas about the people who would buy the lingerie. “I thought I would be mostly selling to people between the ages of 20 and 35,” she said, but, to her surprise, she found she had a lot of older buyers.

“One of our very first clients was an older pastor of a church — my perception was then changed,” she said.

A couple of years later in 2010, Ms Minors moved back to Bermuda and wanted to continue the business. She decided to keep the name Nawty Kitty and add Bermuda to the name.

Once on island she started sorting out the business side of things.

Ms Minors attended a wedding fair and showcased her lingerie, then business started to take off, fuelled by word of mouth.

A year later she became pregnant and had to put the online business on pause.

In 2014 she pushed the business through social media platforms.

“At this time I researched companies and my business expanded,” Ms Minors said. “I started out with just lingerie than moved on to sell adult toys, lotions, candles massage oils and other products.”

She recently branched out to hosting parties and became popular with brides and wedding parties.

“I offer online registries for weddings,” Ms Minors said. “The brides are able to pick out the items they are interested in and friends can go on my site and buy the items for the bride there.”

Alternatively, she can bring selected items to the bridal shower and sell the items there for friends of the bride to purchase for the bride.

Ms Minors also hosts bachelor parties, adding that it’s “a lot of fun” as she describes how to use various items, which partygoers can then buy.

Customers can order items online discreetly and the goods can be either delivered or collected, with confidentiality prioritised.

For more information, visit the website http://www.nawtykittybermuda.com or call 703-1055, or e-mail nawtykittybermuda.com