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Charger ports boosting Twizy’s success

  • Successful year: Piers Carr, chief executive officer of Current Vehicles

More charger ports have been installed around the island for the Renault Twizy, an electric minicar that has proved a big hit with tourists.

It has been about a year since Current Vehicles started to rent out the vehicle and they have seen success since.

Piers Carr, chief executive officer of Current Vehicles, said: “Business is steady. We are happy with the progress we made and the product we delivered.”

Many hotels across the island have adapted to the two-seater electric vehicles by setting up charging ports at their facility.

The hotels that have the ports are the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club, the Fairmont Southampton Resort, Rosewood Tucker’s Point, The Loren, Coral Beach, Mid Ocean Club, The Harbour Courts Residence, The Royal Palms, Rosemont, Prince Albert Terraces and The Vacation Rental Community.

“We have a few more hotels that are in the works as well, Cooper’s Island Reserve and Dockyard.” he added.

Mr Carr mentioned that Current Vehicles is helping to make Bermuda more accessible for its customers and also helping to disperse their dollars around the island to other small businesses.

“We are proud of our safety record since launching,” he added.

Mr Carr said that the company will continue to pursue more initiatives to raise money for schools and charities.

Last year, Current Vehicles launched a competition for Dellwood Middle School students to design wraps for the outside of their rental cars. The winning students had their designs emblazoned on a Twizy which helped generate funding for their school.

Competitions will be rolled out at more schools next year. This programme is designed to directly involve students in Bermuda’s tourism product, giving them the chance to come up with designs that are truly representative of Bermuda and its people, while raising much needed funding for the public school system and local charities.

The Twizy has gained popularity both locally and overseas.

Journalist Martin Love of UK newspaper The Guardian had a chance to explore with the Twizy. He wrote: “Turn it on, release the parking brake, depress the accelerator and you’re off. It’s driving at its purest and least complicated.”

Other visitors to the island shared their experience of driving the electric vehicle in testimonials on Current Vehicles’ website. “We really enjoyed being able to rent the Twizy this trip,” said one. “We felt so much safer in the Twizy and we explored so much more of the island and were able to to get groceries and other bags with us.”

Another tourist added that they felt completely safe driving the Twizy and they will recommend it to others.

For more information on the Twizy visit https://www.currentvehicles.com/