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Paint-your-own pottery studio proves a hit

  • Paint your own: Jon Faulkner, owner of Jon Faulkner Gallery in Dockyard
  • Fun thing to do: cruise ship visitor Jody Allen paints a ceramic mug at Jon Faulkner paint-your-own pottery studio in Dockyard
  • The paint-your-own pottery studio at the Jon Faulkner Gallery
  • The paint-your-own pottery studio at the Jon Faulkner Gallery
  • The Jon Faulkner Gallery in Dockyard

A gallery in Dockyard is offering people the opportunity to paint their own pottery.

Jon Faulkner Gallery, which opened in Dockyard right before the America’s Cup last year, started the studio aimed at attracting locals and tourists to come in and decorate their own ceramic.

“People really seem to enjoy it, it’s air-conditioned and self serving,” Jon Faulkner, owner of the gallery, said. “Anyone can come, people can choose the piece they want painted.

“We have pieces for children such as kitties and trains, and for adults we have mugs, plates and more.”

The studio has proved popular among cruise ship visitors already. One of them, Jody Allen, was delighted by the experience.

“I believe this is a great idea for people on the ships, it is a wonderful opportunity because it gives you something to do,” she said. “It’s actually the highlight of my vacation.”

“Once individuals paint their selected items, we will collect, glaze and fire them,” Mr Faulkner said.

“The turnaround time on glazing and firing is about seven to ten days. If you’re here on vacation and can’t get back to pick up your artwork we can always ship it home for you.”

Mr Faulkner uses leftover oil from restaurants in the process.

“I collect the oil before I come into work. I make a fire and use the oil to glaze the ceramics,” he said.

The studio is open seven days a week, from 9am to 6pm, April to November, and 10am to 5pm, from November to April.

For more information visit https://www.jonfaulknergallery.com/paint-your-own-pottery-studio