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Benefits of energy from the sun highlighted

  • Cleaner energy: Stratton Hatfield, BE Solar’s director of development spoke about the benefits of solar energy when he gave a speech at Hamilton Rotary Club
  • Sun power: the BE Solar team has installed more than 4,000 photovoltaic panels since 2010

Benefits that can be achieved by harnessing solar energy and using energy efficient technologies have been described by Stratton Hatfield, BE Solar’s director of development.

He was the guest speaker at the Hamilton Rotary Club, where he talked about the opportunities he sees for Bermuda to be viewed as a model for change by other jurisdictions.

He spoke about BE Solar’s role helping the island become energy independent by relying less on imported dirty fossil fuel, the opportunities to train and employ Bermudians, and also balancing budgets, improving air quality, reducing GVT expenditure on electricity, and lowering the cost of electricity for consumers.

Since 2010, BE Solar has installed more than 4,000 photovoltaic panels, in 300 locations, that in total generate more than one megawatt of solar electricity, saving more than 5,000 barrels of oil from being consumed at Belco. The solar PV panels installed by the company have helped clients to collectively save more than $1.25 million on their electricity bills.

“We have also employed 12 Bermudians,” Mr Hatfield added.

BE Solar, located on St John’s Road, Pembroke, specialises in designing solar systems that are sized appropriately for properties.

“All of our solutions are designed based on the property and requirements of the owners, so as to ensure the best return on investment and our project scope meets budgetary and energy requirements,” Mr Hatfield said.

He stressed that Belco does purchase power from solar providers at a price of 17 cents per kWh, which is credited to the household’s Belco account.

“Our team provides a holistic approach to energy efficiency, conservation and solar production. We give our clients an understanding on how they can make their property more energy efficient through initial, sensible low-cost investments such as LED lights, efficient heat pump hot water heaters, variable-speed pool pumps and timers,” said Mr Hatfield.

“We install the highest quality products including 30-year warranted SolarWorld bifacial solar modules, enphase microinverters and robust roof and ground attachment methods that can withstand sea salt, humidity, corrosion and hurricanes,” he added.

For more information visit http://www.besolar.bm/contact