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Body detox footbath proves a hit

  • Feet first: Kim Smith, owner of Paradise Scents, take a detox footbath (Photograph supplied)
  • Feet first: Kim Smith, owner of Paradise Scents, take a detox footbath (Photograph supplied)
  • Teas at Paradise Scents (Photograph supplied)
  • Paradise Scents (Photograph supplied)
  • Candles at Paradise Scents (Photograph supplied)
  • Various items at Paradise Scents (Photograph supplied)

A Bermudian businesswoman is going in feet first in a novel way to detoxify the body.

Kim Smith, owner of Paradise Scents, a store on St John’s Road, Pembroke has started to offer a full-body detox footbath, which she says is proving popular with customers.

“Clients place their feet within the detox footbath for 20 minutes,” Ms Smith said. “The device draws the toxins from the body through the feet.

“After the 20 minutes are up, the water will become dark in colour similar to swamp-like water. The reason for this is that mucus, yeast, inflammation and other toxins are being drawn out of your body.”

A course of eight treatments is recommended, she added, and the process also involves drinking teas supplied by Ms Smith.

“It’s important to drink the recommended teas between each session, provided by me, for each individual’s need, depending on what I see from the water and from the information provided by the client,” she added.

Ms Smith stressed that it is not a miracle treatment and that clients need to complete the eight courses to receive the full benefits.

“I have people that come in and expect to see results straight away, but you have to complete the course first,” she added.

Clients of Ms Smith have seen success from the detox footbath.

“I have this client who has been coming to me for a while,” she said. “She used to have problems with her leg and walking was a challenge.

“She would have to sit in her car for about 45 minutes each day before walking into her job.

“She was sceptical at first about the footbath detox but decided to try it as she went through surgeries that didn’t work.

“She said the pain just eventually went away and her weight also dropped nearly 25 pounds.”

Ms Smith expressed her love for aromatherapy and herbal studies which enticed her to promote natural health products such as soaps and detox teas.

The teas recommended to clients after the detox are sold within the shop such as full-body detox, candida (yeast) tea, teas for fibroids, hormonal, weight loss, men’s health teas and more, depending on each individual need.

Ms Smith opened Paradise Scents three years ago. Apart from the footbaths, it’s a one-stop fragrance shop stocking brands including Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret.

It also sells electric oil burning lamps which are popular with customers for personal use as well as gifts. The store also sells deodorant, aftershave and shaving kits.

For more information visit https://wearebermuda.com/listing/paradise-scents-bermuda/ or facebook @scentsbda or call 734-6488