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Firm’s solutions for healthier environments

  • Making a difference: Tyriq Brown and his father Carlos Brown are the team at Positive Solutions (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

With allergies being a major factor in Bermuda, a local company is helping alleviate everyday problems by introducing software and products. Positive Solutions was created five years ago and provides the island with sustainable and restorative environmental solutions.

The company aims to help members of the community improve their overall quality of life by creating a healthier environment.

Carlos Brown, owner and senior managing director, started the business after he became ill due to respiratory issues.

“I was working for a company and fell sick due to pollutants. After being on medication for six weeks with respiratory problems, I decided to do my research to fix it,” he said.

“I have friends who died from illnesses like pneumonia and I wanted to solve the problem.”

Mr Brown found a company in Florida called RGF Environmental Group Inc. He completed a course to gain knowledge about its products. “This company deals primarily with environmental issues, food, water and air,” he said.

Once certified, he grew the business and started introducing products for dealing with mould, a common problem in Bermuda.

“I grew the mould side of the business and became certified at Environmental Health. Once I finished that I started utilising contract workers, cleaning and maintenance companies,” Mr Brown said. “We can clean, apply moisture barrier to walls and use anti-fungal agents on any surface.”

He said that bleach is 90 per cent water-based, which does not fix the root problem.

“Unlike alcohol and other products, this product is effective even after it’s dry,” Mr Brown said.

His company’s products range from air purifiers and sterilising systems for any size room, to wastewater treatment and wash-water recycling systems, food safety and sanitation systems, cleaning and disinfection products, surface protection products, and mould and mildew stain removal.

Mr Brown normally works by himself full-time, but at the moment has help from his son, Tyriq Brown, who is taking a gap year from studying entrepreneurship at the University of Ontario.

For more information visit linkedin @positivesolutionsbda, and Facebook @positivesolutionsbda or call 595-3686