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Kaissa opens showroom on Front Street

  • New showroom: Charles Dunstan, left, and Nathan Amaral outside the Kaissa Ltd showroom at 117 Front Street (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
  • Ready to roll: Sales associate Nathan Amaral in the new showroom (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Construction firm Kaissa Ltd has today opened a retail showroom on Front Street.

Kaissa specialises in roofing, waterproofing and speciality exterior wall cladding systems for residential and commercial clients. The company recently added a new interior coating product.

The 300-square-foot showroom provides walk-in residential clients, smaller contractors and groups like condo associations with an opportunity to access the company’s coating products.

“My thought was always, from a retail point of view, that a Front Street storefront presence might be a growth opportunity,” said Charles Dunstan, managing director at Kaissa, which opened an office on Front Street eight years ago.

“The time is right because business has been a little slow, as in construction generally, and everyone is looking for more value.”

He added: “We do get a steady flow of walk-in traffic at this location, people looking for long-term solutions. We have discovered that there is a latent demand for these products among homeowners and we haven’t had the manpower to deal with such enquiries in the past.

“Our coating products are aimed at the discerning buyer who is tired of painting their house every four years. The products we sell last seven to 12 years.”

The showroom launch coincides with a new line of “IQ technology” offerings from the Sto Corporation, an international company with a manufacturing base in Atlanta.

Called “smart coatings”, they include long-lasting and energy-efficient exterior products such as Lotusan and Dryonic, and the new interior coating Climasan, a light-catalysed product that reduces odours in the home.

The showroom also features examples of Kaissa’s decorative moulding line. The company offers three standard moulding shapes, but can also produce custom shapes.

The company has hired Nathan Amaral as a sales associate to assist walk-in customers at the retail showroom.

“It will be interesting to see where it goes,” Mr Dunstan said. “In addition to homeowners, the showroom will give condo associations, and large buildings with their own maintenance staff the opportunity to access some of the products that we offer.

“The showroom creates a revenue stream from selling products versus always doing the work ourselves.”

Kaissa, with 35 staff, will continue with its core construction project business, serving institutional, commercial and residential clients, as well as commercial contractors.

The Kaissa showroom and offices are located at 117 Front Street, between Court Street and King Street. The showroom is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm.