Lennon backs same-sex marriage

  • Vote yes: Julian Lennon

British musician Julian Lennon has voiced his support for same-sex marriage in Bermuda.

The 53-year-old son of rock legend John Lennon posted his approval on the website of his environmental and humanitarian charity The White Feather Foundation.

The referendum on the issue will take place on June 23, and will ask Bermudian voters two questions: if they support same-sex marriage and if they support civil unions.

Mr Lennon, whose father spent two months on the island in 1980, wrote on his site: “Please vote ‘Yes, Yes’ to both questions on the ballot.

“Please repost, make a YouTube video testimonial, tell a friend — Bermuda must be on the right side of history. Equality should never be the subject of a referendum, but that is the choice the Bermudian people have been given, in order that the politicians can determine the next course of action.

“It is time to do the right thing, Bermuda.”

Meanwhile, Cornerstone Bible Fellowship church in Hamilton is hosting a “prayer vigil for marriage and family” this Sunday from 4pm at the Heritage Hall Worship Centre.

Author and pastor Tony Evans will be among the religious figures attending the event.

Dr Evans has expressed his opposition this year to the introduction of same-sex marriage in society, comparing it to the onset of cracks in a building.

“There are emotional cracks, there are social cracks, there are economic cracks, and all of these patchworks are being used to fix them,” he said.

“Because people have left God’s definition of marriage, we have all these cracks in our wall.

“We have all these problems in society.”