Painter inspired by punk and horror films

  • Making an impression: Zack Marshall
  • Striking image: one of the pieces on display

Up and coming Bermudian painter Zack Marshall has found success with his first solo show, Golem, at a small Brooklyn gallery.

Invoking the legendary monster from Jewish mythology, the show gleaned inspiration from punk couture and old 1980s horror movies, the 24-year-old told The Royal Gazette.

It initially features his labour of love, a 7ft oil painting based on a grid enclosing a “visceral” scene of flowing patterns that might come from microscopic slides or alien weather.

“My goal was to create a universe,” Mr Marshall said, delving into the dark imagery of movies like Hellraiser and old video games to build extra pieces at the behest of the owner at 15 Orient Gallery.

“That’s what gives me the most satisfaction. It’s not really about one picture. They’re all pieces that serve the purpose of the installation.”

The March 12 show was picked up by the avant-garde magazine Sex, which showcased some of the disturbing art based on manikins and dark emerging forms.

The wire manikins dressed in everything from foam insulation to black leather gear, taking Mr Marshall, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, back to his figurative roots.

“I don’t game much, but I’m a fan of video games and film, and I wanted it to look cinematic,” he explained.

The son of lawyer and former senator Georgia Marshall has exhibited his work before, but Golem was his first experience doing it alone.

“It was a great experience,” he said. “The sculpture aspect is something new. It’s something I’m going to continue to pursue.”