Saige’s eye-catching photograph

  • Picture perfect: Saige Zuill with her striking photograph

A girl’s passing snapshot of the ruined Clayhouse Inn has turned out striking enough to grace the walls of the Biggs Museum back home in Dover, Delaware.

Born to Bermudians Saphria Gibbons and Dennis Zuill, Saige Zuill was photographing what she considers her homeland as the family headed to the airport after Christmas holidays.

“I took tons of pictures,” said Saige, who leant out to get shots of the water and roadside with her Samsung S3 — including the crumbling pink edifice where generations of local and international entertainers once performed.

While many consider the Clayhouse an eyesore, the building has a striking rundown grandeur that surprised Saige when she examined her shots at the airport.

“I was like, oh my God, this is one of the best,” Saige told The Royal Gazette of the shot taken while she held the camera out the window “just a little bit, not enough to end my life.”

Saige confided that her father sometimes drives “a little fast”, but slowed for the shoreline inn by Loyal Hill.

“Her dad was amazed when he saw it — ‘She took that picture with a phone?’” Mrs Gibbons recalled.

“I think it represents Bermuda,” said Saige, who likes art classes and is considering a career in design.

Her teacher at Campus Community School liked the Clayhouse picture so much that she told Saige to submit it to the town’s Biggs Art Museum.

Her parents found out this week that it had been accepted.

Saige is “quite the artist”, her family said,

“The lady at the museum said it made her want to take a trip there,” Mrs Gibbons added. “It puts Bermuda on the map.”