Students from two schools discuss racism

  • Saltus and Berkeley students meet to discuss racism (photograph provided)

Students from Berkeley Institute and Saltus Grammar School came together recently to tackle the topic of racism

As part of UNESCO’s Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, students from both schools took part in a joint session with Imagine Bermuda, discussing issues such as stereotyping, discrimination, racism and bullying.

Berkeley S1 student Robert Thomas, 14, said: “The main message that I obtained from this session was that the key to solving discriminatory issues in Bermuda is to recognise that we have them by shining a light on these issues.

“Then we can rationalise a logical solution to minimise discrimination and unite Bermuda.”

Meanwhile, SGY2 Saltus student Lea Seymour said: “I feel that the discussion was one that needed to be had. The event was intended to get the ball rolling on the impact of these issues on our community and I feel as it has done so.

“I feel with more group discussions such as this, we can solve the problem at hand.”

The meeting was facilitated by Martha Kirkland and Glenn Fubler at the Berkeley campus, with Berkeley principal Phillis Curtis-Tweed and Saltus deputy head Jon Beard bringing together the 20 students.

Mr Beard told the students how in the late 1980s the funds earmarked for Devonshire College, a project that failed to get off the ground, were distributed to assist the early growth of both Berkeley and Saltus.

“So that while these schools grew out of our segregated past, they had this link and both institutions have been instrumental in the overall development of Bermuda,” said Mr Beard.

Dr Curtis-Tweed said: “My students came away from this important conversation thinking about the topics with a renewed commitment to minimising/eradicating discrimination in all forms and to promoting unity in Bermuda.

“Along with Mr Beard, we wish to take this opportunity to thank Imagine Bermuda, those school staff that assisted and especially the students involved for this invaluable event.”