Students go free at Friday Ag Show

  • Popular display: young students will get free entry to the Ag Show this Friday

Young students will get free entry to the Ag Show this Friday.

Jeff Sousa of the event’s executive committee said that AXIS Capital has stepped forward to not only help sponsor this year’s show, but allow free entry for all students under the age of 16 on the second day.

“That’s going to be going on for the next three years,” he said. “This is a day when they are all out of school, traditionally. I believe this is a first. I cannot remember this ever happening before.”

Mr Sousa said that many of the tents had already been set up as preparations continued for what is expected to be a busy show.

Along with the usual favourites, including carriage horses, dog agility demonstrations and a range of local art and food, the tug-o-war competition will return each day in the main circle.

Mr Sousa said that he was excited about the range of poultry on display this year. The organisers were forced to turn away some entries because of the sheer number of competitors looking to earn a ribbon.

“There is such a range of entries that even someone like myself who has been going for 40 years will see some birds they never knew existed,” he said. “It is amazing the types of birds that people have on the island.”

The show will continue to feature a wide range of food options for visitors, with stalls spread throughout Botanical Gardens. A variety of entertainers will take the stage to entertain the crowds.

“We want to invite everyone to come down and make a day of it,” he said. “I love seeing the children when they see the pigs and the horses. It’s an occasion for Bermudians to get together and have fun.

“Agriculture still plays a very important part in our lives. I have noticed over the last few years that people are starting to keep chickens again, people are wanting to start vegetable gardens again.”

The 2017 Bermuda Agricultural Show takes place at the Botanical Gardens on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.