Diabetes Association launches new campaign

The Bermuda Diabetes Association is looking to raise the funds needed to purchase and renovate a building to enhance its community service.

The charity has this week launched its “Building Hope” campaign, intended to help the organisation buy a building in North Hamilton which is hoped to expand the association’s ability to help the public deal with diabetes.

According to statistics, almost one third of people in Bermuda over the age of 18 are affected by diabetes, with an estimated $50 million per year spent tackling the condition and its effects, including kidney disease, heart failure and blindness.

While type 2 diabetes has historically been considered a progressive and lifelong disease, a spokeswoman said that recent studies have shown that with weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise, it can be prevented and reversed.

“David Cavan, a diabetes physician from the UK and past director of Policies and Programmes at the International Diabetes Federation, is currently working in Bermuda with Premier Health,” the spokeswoman said.

“The BDA is partnering with Dr Cavan over the next six months, to deliver a ‘reverse your diabetes programme’. They will be holding special presentations, patient narratives and offer advice and information on how to take control of Type 2 Diabetes.

“A successful campaign will enable BDA to realise its vision of designing and operating an enhanced community pharmacy and offering coordinated diabetes care under one roof. With their own space, BDA will be able to provide additional services, including weight checks, blood sugar testing and blood pressure monitoring.”

The spokeswoman added that the expansion would also allow for on-site counselling, education sessions, healthy cooking classes and a research library.