Expert to lecture for charity anniversary

  • Judith Burgess of PRIDE
  • International author and child expert Jerry Moe

An international author and expert on children’s issues is to lead a series of workshops in Bermuda as part of PRIDE’S 30th anniversary celebrations.

The workshops and training by Jerry Moe are titled “Addiction Through the Eyes of a Child” and are due to take place on May 15 and 16.

“We have an increase in the use of ‘smack’ in our community, where we have functioning addicts, many with careers and children and this is cause for concern,” said Judith Burgess, executive director of the charity.

“We were motivated to host this event because we realise there are a number of families that are being impacted by addiction, and the needs of the children often go unnoticed.”

Mr Moe, vice-president of the National Children’s Programmes of Hazeldon Betty Ford Centre, lectures and trains on issues for children and families hurt by addiction.

His workshops are for those who work with children and families, such as school counsellors, therapists, teachers, parents, churches, faith groups, sports coaches, child and family service providers, prevention and treatment services.

Mrs Burgess added: “Our goal is to increase awareness and understanding of the needs of these children and families among our service providers.

“This training is a one off event. However, to keep the momentum going PRIDE, in partnership with Pathways Bermuda (formerly Caron Bermuda), is committed to providing ongoing service for children impacted by addiction.”

A few years ago PRIDE ran a programme for children, aged seven to 11, who were concerned about a loved one’s drug use.

They learnt a variety of skills and information including the ‘7 C’s’: I didn’t Cause it. I can’t Cure it, but I can help take Care of myself by Communicating my feelings, making good Choices and Celebrating myself.

“Children are our future and we must look after them as well as those who care for them. I would encourage everyone to make plans to join us for the workshops which are open to everyone.”

For more information on the workshops, contact Marina Sousa or Truell Landy at PRIDE, telephone 295-9970, or e-mail

Judith Burgess speaks on the charity’s anniversary in this video