Club owner warned about licence loss

  • Juan Wolffe

The Liquor Licensing Authority has warned a members’ club to “get its act together” or face being stripped of their licence.

Chairman Juan Wolffe told Frederick Lewis, president of the Young Men’s Social Club, that he had serious concerns that Mr Lewis did not know what was going on at the Hamilton club.

The LLA also raised concerns that the club had renovated a room on the premises called the “Blue Diamond Lounge” and was effectively using it as a nightclub.

Mr Lewis was presented with several flyers and promotional postings from social media of parties and events taking place at the club, some of which he said he knew nothing about.

“You should know everything that goes on in your club,” Mr Wolffe added. “By law, you are in dereliction of your duty and we should be closing you down immediately.

“We granted you a licence last year and we did not know anything about this lounge. You have not provided details of minutes, subscriptions, account books or your rules.

“You have to give us that information. You are making it very difficult for us to help you. If you cannot provide that information by June 1 you may lose your licence.”

The LLA told Mr Lewis he needed to get his committee together and “get a clear understanding of what was going on” within the club. Mr Wolffe told him that the LLA would be conducting a site visit in the coming weeks, at which time they hoped to be able to get a clearer understanding of how it was operating.

Mr Lewis explained that the Hamilton club ran an after-school programme and breakfast programme. He promised to meet with his management board and address the concerns of the LLA.