No selling of miniatures, store told

Grocery store boss Frank Arnold has been taken to task for selling miniatures at his Front Street outlet.

Mr Arnold, who appeared before the Liquor Licensing Authority on Tuesday along with several other store owners, was asked why the mini-bottles of spirits were being sold at Arnold’s Express in contravention of its licence. Mr Arnold said that he would take the miniatures down “immediately”.

Chairman Juan Wolffe told the store owner: “You should not be selling miniatures.

“You are getting it all wrong. The main provisions being sold should be food, not alcohol. It is possible that you will be shut down.”

Mr Arnold replied: “I hear you loud and clear.”

Mr Wolffe also reminded grocery stores that under the terms of the legislation governing liquor licensing, alcohol should be kept in a separate and discreet part of the property, and not behind the counter.

“We are prepared to be a bit lenient and not apply the Act strictly,” Mr Wolffe said.

“Because we are relaxing this rule a little bit, we would ask that you all at least display the alcohol in a way in which it is not too obvious.”