Crockwell family: decision was for ‘health reasons’

  • Left to right: Shawn Crockwell's brother Mark, mother Juanita, sister Juanae and father Howard (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Shawn Crockwell left a message saying his death was for health reasons, his grieving sister told a press conference.

Reading from the message yesterday, Juanae Crockwell quoted her brother saying he had Crohn’s disease, adding that he also wrote: “I am at peace.”

“This decision was because of health reasons. I have been sick,” Ms Crockwell said the note said.

“I have been struggling with Crohn’s disease for the last 20 years.”

She said the independent MP wanted the country to come together, saying “people need to be honest” and “life is too short for hate”.

“I hope that those that feel animus towards me can get over that, because I am at peace.”

She quoted him: “We are missing that ‘love thy neighbour’ in Bermuda.”

The MP also said it had been his “greatest honour” to represent the island at the highest level, according to Ms Crockwell.

Mr Crockwell, 47, a father of three, was found dead in his home in Hamilton Parish on Saturday.

Describing herself as broken-hearted, Ms Crockwell said the family was grateful for the response from Bermudians over the past week.

“I would like to again extend our heartfelt gratitude to the people of Bermuda for their expressions of love, sympathy, and their kind gestures during our time of bereavement,” she said.

She described her brother as “my hero and my friend” and said the family was devoted to moving towards the vision outlined by Mr Crockwell.

“Our family is committed to being a part of the change that he wanted to see in this country, and we invite and implore you to be a part of that change too,” she said.

Before the press conference began, independent MP Mark Pettingill, a close friend of Mr Crockwell, said that the family would not be taking questions from the media.

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