Voters advised: check polling stations

Voters have been reminded by independent candidate Thad Hollis to “double check” the location of their polling station ahead of Tuesday’s election.

Mr Hollis, who is running in Hamilton West, said that in spite of the Parliamentary Registrar’s efforts, there were still many in the area not yet aware of the new location at Harrington Sound Primary.

“This may be true for voters in other constituencies with new locations,” Mr Hollis said.

“I believe that the process of democracy must be as easy and accessible as possible and am encouraging voters to double-check this information before Tuesday to ensure they are not inconvenienced by going to the wrong venue.”

Details are provided on the Parliamentary Registry’s website at

The locations posted are as follows:

1 St George’s North: East End Primary School

2 St George’s West: Penno’s Wharf Terminal

3 St Davids: Clearwater Middle School

4 St George’s South: Holy Trinity Church Hall

5 Hamilton East: Francis Patton Primary School

6 Hamilton West: Harrington Sound Primary School

7 Hamilton South: Whitney Institute

8 Smith’s South: Elliot Primary School

9 Smith’s West: Somersfield Academy

10 Smith’s North: Christ Church Hall, Devonshire

11 Devonshire East: Horticultural Hall, Botanical Gardens

12 Devonshire South Central: Visitors’ Centre, Botanical Gardens

13 Devonshire North Central: Prospect Primary School

14 Devonshire North West: CedarBridge Academy

15 Pembroke East: Sports Pavilion, National Stadium

16 Pembroke East Central: Victor Scott Primary School

17 Pembroke Central: the Berkeley Institute

18 Pembroke West Central: Northlands Primary School

19 Pembroke West: West Pembroke Primary School

20 Pembroke South West: Seventh-day Adventist Church Hall, King Street

21 Pembroke South East: St Paul Church Hall, Hamilton

22 Paget East: St Paul’s Church Hall, Paget

23 Paget West: Evangelical Church Hall, Mission Road, Paget

24 Warwick South East: Bermuda College

25 Warwick North East: Paget Primary School

26 Warwick South Central: Bright Temple Church Hall

27 Warwick North Central: St Mary’s Church Hall

28 Warwick West: Purvis Primary School

29 Southampton East: Windreach Bermuda

30 Southampton East Central: Heron Bay Primary School

31 Southampton West Central: Mount Zion Church Hall

32 Southampton West: Dalton E. Tucker Primary School

33 Sandys South: Somers Isle Lodge

34 Sandys South Central: West End Primary School

35 Sandys North Central: Somerset Primary School

36 Sandys North: St James Church Hall