Cameron celebrates 100th birthday

Legendary local actor Earl Cameron, who turned 100 yesterday, is the first to admit that the milestone comes as a surprise.

“I never expected to live this long, I don’t suppose anybody does,” Mr Cameron told The Royal Gazette.

“If you’d told me ten years ago I would have said you were crazy, but I made it. That can’t be bad.”

Marked with “a simple party” at home in Warwickshire with his wife Barbara and daughter Philippa, along with close friends, Mr Cameron fielded calls from wellwishers and journalists, as well as receiving the traditional card from the Queen.

“It used to be a telegram,” he added.

A bigger bash is planned for Saturday, and the actor looks forward to a trip back to Bermuda planned for October.

Saying that he and his wife stay in shape by walking every day into town, Mr Cameron was sanguine about getting older.

“Past 95 you start deteriorating rather rapidly,” he said.

“I walk with a stick now. That’s a pity. But I can make a lot of excuses — I don’t have to apologise for not remembering names.”