Changing Bermuda ‘one glass at a time’

  • Cushi Ming, coordinator of the Uncorked wine-tasting event (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

A summer wine festival in Hamilton tomorrow is expected to pull in a hundreds of people for a glass of plonk.

The “Uncorked” event at Hamilton’s Barr’s Bay Park, co-ordinated by Cushi Ming, is designed to bring people together to “meaningfully connect with each other”.

It will feature wine-tasting, wine-themed games and live performances, with some of the proceeds going towards Family Centre.

The promoters said: “We serve wine, but Uncorked is really about having people who might not necessarily bump into each other, bump into each other.

“The thing about social change is that everyone wants it, but no one really knows how to make it happen.

“Who’s got time to work, raise children and change the world, right? Who even knows where to start?

“We believe we do. Wine has always been paired with fun, laughter and communication.

“Common interests break down social barriers, and everyone loves wine.

“I guess you could say that Uncorked is changing Bermuda one glass at a time.”

The festival takes places from 7pm to 10pm.

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