Message in bottle found on 9 Beaches

A message in a bottle discovered in Bermuda over the weekend was set adrift hundreds of miles off the shores of the Azores on the same day two years earlier.

Pam Amaral said her 19-year-old son, James, made the discovery on shore while the pair were boating and swimming off 9 Beaches on Saturday afternoon. She said they elected to take the bottle back to their Pembroke home to open along with her daughter and her husband.

Ms Amaral said: “When we opened it, the majority of the note came out intact. A little bit of it broke into pieces, but we were pretty much able to piece it all together.”

According to the message, the bottle was dropped off the yacht Yanosha.

“We are in the middle of the Atlantic,” the note said. It also contained the co-ordinates it was cast off at, as well as an e-mail address.

The note, dated August 5, 2015, was found two years to the day after being dropped.

“I typed up a response to the guy on Saturday evening, and he e-mailed back on Monday,” Ms Amaral said.

The response she received came from Matt Sulley, skipper of the Yanosha.

In it, he said he was “gobsmacked” by Ms Amaral’s e-mail.

“I have sailed the Atlantic many times,” it read.

“I must have put ten or so bottles over the side over the years and this is the first to be found! I am amazed that you found it on the same day two years later, and that it is in such great condition.”

He said the bottle was dropped over the side of the yacht while on passage from the Caribbean to Mallorca, via Bermuda, the Azores and Gibraltar.

According to Mr Sulley, at the Mid-Atlantic point, if the weather allows, the crew enjoys a bottle of wine before putting a message in the empty bottle and lobbing it over the side.

“He sent me pictures of them actually throwing it overboard, and the note completely intact,” Ms Amaral said.

“We plan on eventually framing the note and displaying it in our living room.”