Reduction in number of votes rejected

At least 164 ballots were rejected from last month’s General Election, with Sandys South Central coming top at 14.

At 0.48 per cent of the total count of 34,060, it was down from the 0.56 per cent in the 2012 election, in which 174 ballots were rejected out of 31,026.

No counts were given for three constituencies: Pembroke South East, Warwick North Central and Southampton West.

The figures provided by the Parliamentary Registrar differentiate between spoilt ballots, which never reach the ballot box and are not counted as votes, and rejects, which are.

Rejected ballots include ballots that are incorrectly filled out, such as with more than one candidate, or where a voter indicates that they are not satisfied with the candidates.

A total of 46 ballots were deemed to be spoilt.