Bill Murray stunned by Bermudian actress

  • Rebecca Faulkenberry (File photograph)

Bermudian actress Rebecca Faulkenberry has earned high praise for her role in Groundhog Day from the star of the original film, Bill Murray.

And in true Groundhog Day spirit, the cast was graced by Mr Murray again the next night. In the same outfit.

“It was wonderful,” Ms Faulkenberry said. “He was very generous and open and was a gentleman on both nights. He’s a really talented guy.”

The Broadway musical, based on the 1993 film by Harold Ramis, revolves around jaded and arrogant weatherman Phil Connors, who finds himself reliving the same day over and over again.

The musical came to Broadway in April after a successful opening in London’s West End.

Ms Faulkenberry won the role of Nancy Taylor, a woman who Mr Connors takes advantage of, in the US production.

Ms Faulkenberry told The Royal Gazette that before Tuesday’s show she and the cast heard “rumblings” that Mr Murray would be in the audience.

Mr Murray was joined at the show by his brother and fellow actor Brian Doyle-Murray, who also appeared in the film, and the movie’s co-writer Danny Rubin.

At the end of the show, Mr Murray came on stage, spoke to the cast and praised their work and the show.

But Ms Faulkenberry did not know until the next day how much Mr Murray had enjoyed her performance.

“I have a song that opens the second act and I heard some guy say ‘wow’,” she said. “My character says ‘wow’ a lot in the show.”

According to an article in the New York Times, the guy was Bill Murray.

“It was not until the New York Times story that we knew it was him,” she said. “It’s pretty high praise.”

When the show ended on Wednesday night the cast were again greeted by Mr Murray, who wanted to see the show a second time.

“He thought it would be funny, so he came back the next night in the same outfit,” Ms Faulkenberry said.

“He pulled me aside and gave me some thoughts on my song. He said the show should be mandatory. He was really moved by the story. He cried on both nights.”

According to the New York Times, Mr Murray was thrilled by the show and he said the late Mr Ramis would have been impressed.

Mr Murray said: “Brian and I are flabbergasted. It’s really something.”