Jose forecast to ‘loop’ before heading away

  • Hurricane Jose is expected to weaken to a tropical storm this evening as it makes a clockwise loop in the Atlantic (Image from the Bermuda Weather Service)

Hurricane Jose, meandering over the Atlantic Ocean, nonetheless remains a potential threat to Bermuda.

At noon, the storm’s closest point was expected to be 329 nautical miles to the south-southwest of Bermuda at 8pm today.

According to the Bermuda Weather Service, the threshold for being deemed a potential threat is 400 nautical miles.

Jose was downgraded to a category one storm this morning and was forecast to become a tropical storm later today.

The system is still expected to make a “clockwise loop over open water” and the BWS said it would then become a hurricane again.

The long-term forecast added that Jose is then expected to start a northwesterly path to the east of the Bahamas on Friday.