Hurricane relief fundraising campaign

  • Hurricane Irma wreaked damage on the British Virgin Islands (File photograph)

The West Indies Association in Bermuda is to step up its fundraising as the threat of hurricane season continues to hang over the region.

The group expressed its sadness for the devastation caused throughout by Hurricane Irma, and warned more could follow in a season forecast to be active.

It said it was joining forces with the Bermuda Government, businesses and community groups to raise funds towards humanitarian efforts.

A Caribbean Summer Cruise has been arranged for Saturday, September 23, to launch the drive.

The Association said in a statement: “The WIA (Bermuda) notes with sadness and concern the devastation and loss of life that has occurred in several Caribbean countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, St Martin, the British and US Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, and Cuba in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

“WIA wishes to remind the public that while the devastation wrought by these hurricanes has been extensive, it is still early in the hurricane season which is predicted to be an active one. Therefore, fundraising will require continued and sustained effort throughout the season and beyond.

“We are currently gathering and collating information as to the needs of those who have been affected so far and the recovery efforts under way so as to determine priority needs and how best we might assist the humanitarian and rebuilding efforts going on in these countries. We have been contacted by the Government of Bermuda and look forward to working with the Government, businesses and community groups and organisations as we have done in the past to raise funds to assist affected countries.”

Boarding for the Caribbean Summer Cruise will begin at 7pm from Albuoy’s Point, with the cruise departing at 8pm, returning at midnight. Early bird tickets are on sale at $60 per ticket, including dinner, and can be obtained from management committee members or The Edge at 25 Reid Street.

The Association added: “We look forward to adding Bermuda proudly to the list of countries and Caribbean and international agencies that are providing much needed donations and supplies. Please support our local fundraising efforts.”