Jose predicted to become tropical storm

  • Hurricane Jose is making a clockwise loop over open water (Image from the Bermuda Weather Service)

Hurricane Jose’s closest projected point of approach to Bermuda over the next three days has come and gone, the Bermuda Weather Service said yesterday.

The category one storm, meandering south of the island, nonetheless remains a potential threat to Bermuda. It is forecast to head northwest over the weekend, by which time it is expected to be downgraded to a tropical storm.

However, as of last night, its closest point to Bermuda, 313 nautical miles to the south-southwest, had already passed.

At 6am, Jose was 377 nautical miles to the island’s south and heading southeast at about 8mph as it makes its “clockwise loop over open water”.

The weather service said Jose could bring isolated showers and a chance of thunder on Thursday evening.

“Seas will remain slight to moderate with building southerly swells from Hurricane Jose on Thursday and Friday.

“Hurricane Jose is forecast to weaken to a tropical storm on Friday as it turns north-westward.

“Tropical Storm Jose will likely remain a potential threat to Bermuda through Sunday.”

According to BWS, the threshold for being deemed a potential threat is 400 nautical miles.