Quest for world’s best pizza is slice idea

  • Pizza pilgrim: Producer Alex Scrymgeour, from left, with Chef Raffaelle Pignataro and Francesco Spinucci in Rome for the series tracking the world's finest pizzas in their home cities (Phoograph supplied)

Bermudian journalist Alex Scrymgeour is on a quest for the world’s best pizza — while also getting a taste of the cities where each regional masterpiece was created.

Mr Scrymgeour said his latest project, the offbeat series Pizza Perfect, was “a marriage of two passions” — pizza and travel.

The independent producer added: “Pizza and history are tied so closely together down civilisation.”

He added that back into antiquity, any number of cultures had created the basic recipe of a flatbread with toppings.

Mr Scrymgeour came up with the series, the first of its kind, in Barcelona, with the pilot episode set in Rome.

A former host and producer for CITV, Mr Scrymgeour was inspired by friend and fellow Bermudian Marc Drew’s suggestion for a pizza travel show.

After “laughing about it”, he came up with the name and ran with it.

Mr Scrymgeour said he prided himself on knowing a good slice because he grew up in New York.

But distinctive pizza styles called to him from around the Mediterranean and now the show looks promising for a global survey of the pizza experience.An initial run of five episodes is planned. Mr Scrymgeour, through his business Scrimmy Productions, is seeking a backer to air his programme via online and on-demand broadcasting, which he said opened up new avenues for creative work.

Mr Scrymgeour said: “It’s a very exciting time, seeing my ideas take flight — it’s a renaissance right now with people cutting that traditional cable cord.”

He planned to pitch the work at the Mipcom trade show in Cannes, France, where industry heavyweights survey the latest entertainment ideas.

Mr Scrymgeour said: “Being from Bermuda and exposed to tourism all my life, I have a passion for showing people places, and I wanted to bring that light- hearted fun to the home.”

He confessed that the “best” pizza is difficult to quantify as each place is unique.

Pizza Perfect’s Facebook page shows some of Mr Scrymgeour’s discoveries, and a trailer can be seen on YouTube. Mr Scrymgeour said: “We’ve got good pizza back in Bermuda, too.”

Along with Mr Scrymgeour as host and creator, the show includes work from director of photography and editor Francesco Spinucci in Rome, consulting producer Julie Scrymgeour, executive producer Chris Chiari, composer Murat Evgin, and Bermudians Ian Tucker, creative director, and Mr Drew.