Bascome to cut back on social media

  • Nikki Bascome

The new year is a time for resolutions, so The Royal Gazette took to the streets of Hamilton to quiz residents on their pledges for 2018.

From professional boxer Nikki Bascome’s pledge to cut down on social media, to university biology student Rhainnon Hodgson’s pledge to work harder in class, residents aim to keep up the tradition of self-improvement for a fresh year.

Bermuda boxing hero Bascome, 27, from Pembroke, said in the wake of his recent defeat by Fábio Costa that he wanted to ditch social media and concentrate more on his craft.

He said: “I’m going to delete Instagram. I don’t know if you watch boxing, but I lost my last fight and I’ve done a lot of reflecting about how I got to the point that I’m at today and I realise that having Instagram wasn’t in my whole arsenal.

“I won my last fight in May, I had three fights this year. After my May fight, people were telling me I should get Instagram for the following so I ended up getting it.

“I realised that it was actually taking up more of my time than helping me focus on my craft.

“I really wanted to market myself as a professional because it’s my way of income. However, it was kind of taking away from what really mattered most, which was my craft.

“My new year’s resolution is to delete it and get back to the drawing board.

“I feel like Instagram is a waste of my time and I’m not going to do it.”

Lizzie Outerbridge, 30, from Sandys, said: “My new year’s resolution is to just do what I want each day. If I want to go swimming after work I’m going to go swimming after work.

“If I want to get that piece of candy, I’m going to get that candy.”

She explained: “I’ve lost a couple of good people this year so I just really want to make the best of every day.”

Rochelle Minors, 28, from Sandys, said: “This year I just want to spend more time with my family. I want to create more, I want to have a fashion collection that is available to Bermudians and the public.

“I want to be more relatable and enjoy my island home more. Just have fun, really.”

Rhiannon Hodgson, 23, from Hamilton Parish, said: “My new year’s resolution is to get better grades. I want to finish my bachelor’s degree in biology so I can become a dentist.”

Keishae Robinson, 28, from Hamilton Parish, said: “I would like to learn yoga for 2018. I feel like it would help me to centre myself and I also want to be more flexible.

Denzelle Swan, 27, from St George’s, said: “For 2018, my new year’s resolution is to live more boldly and actually live out the things I was created to do rather than cower away from it.

Billy, 39, from Spanish Point, said: “My new year’s resolution is to not have a new year’s resolution because I do it all the time. I don’t need to set a date to start something. I just start it when I want.”