Brown in tribute to old foe Edness

  • Quinton Edness (File photograph)

Ewart Brown yesterday paid tribute to his former political foe Quinton Edness on behalf of “all of us who want the best for Bermuda”.

The former premier, who defeated Mr Edness in Warwick West at the 1998 General Election, praised the veteran politician for his ability to articulate an argument and tireless work for the island.

Mr Edness, a former United Bermuda Party Cabinet Minister, died yesterday, aged 86.

Dr Brown, premier under the Progressive Labour Party from 2006 to 2010, said: “In politics there are times when our humanity disappears and we are swallowed in the heat of battle.

“When I heard that my personal friend and political adversary Quinton Edness had passed away, I had a series of flashbacks dating back to the early 90s when I was entering politics in Warwick West.

“Always willing to join in the late night, early morning exchanges in the House of Assembly, Quinton was one of the few UBP MPs who could always wake me up and provide material for my inevitable response.

“I cannot recall one time when we were on the same side of a political issue, although in my youth I watched my mother Helene Brown and my aunt Gloria McPhee work alongside Quintonin the UBP.

“Yet, I was always impressed by his ability to articulate the opposite side of the argument even when I never believed that he believed it!

Dr Brown added: “A gentleman to the end, Quinton will always be remembered for his untiring efforts on behalf of Bermuda.

“For that I have thanked his wife on behalf of all of us who want the best for Bermuda.”

Mark Pettingill, another former MP for Warwick West, said: “QE was a constituent when I was an MP, a mentor and friend. I am deeply saddened by his passing.

“He was witty, wise, intellectual, and kind-hearted, we have lost a statesman and a gentleman who has left his mark on history.”