Oven fire in Smith’s

  • Firefighters extinguished an oven fire in Smith’s (Photograph from Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service)
  • Charred remains of a cake burnt in a fire today (Photograph from Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service)

Firefighters tackled an oven fire at a home on Middle Road in Smith’s shortly after 10.30am today.

Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service responded to the incident, which resulted in no injuries, with four firefighters.

Fire service spokesman Sergeant Delton White said: “Upon arrival we found a smouldering oven emitting smoke with no flames visible.

“On further inspection we found a cake box within the oven that had started to ignite due to the oven being turned on without the resident realising that the cake box was still in the oven.

“We removed the box from the oven to an external location and initiated ventilation to remove the smoke from the residence.”

The oven and refrigerator received minor heat and smoke damage.

Sergeant White added: “The Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service would like to take this opportunity to note to the public that accidents do happen, but whenever possible, before starting an appliance that can cause fire, check the surroundings and internally for any items or objects that could become or cause a fire hazard.”