Students march to remember civil rights hero

  • Dalton E Tucker students celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day with a march yesterday (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Students from Dalton E Tucker Primary School participated in an annual march yesterday to mark Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Tajuana Dean, principal at the school, said: “It’s always an awesome feeling to know that we continue the legacy at Dalton E Tucker Primary of marching to commemorate the life of Dr King and what he stood for in the world — peace, equality and harmony.”

More than 100 students, staff, family members and guests took part in the walk from the Southampton school to the Maximart Supermarket in Hog Bay.

Yvonne Cooper, social studies lead teacher at the school, organised the march.

Students created “I Wish” statements on how they would like to see the world in the lead up to the event.

Ms Dean added: “These statements were written on oversized hands of various shades to show the diversity of students at our school.”

Students were also taught songs and read books about Dr King ahead of the march.

Wayne Caines, the Minister of National Security, was on hand to take part in the event and speak to the students.

A government spokeswoman said: “In addressing the students, Minister Caines spoke to the young people about the importance of standing up against bullying, injustice and supporting one another.”

Diallo Rabain, Minister of Education, Jamahl Simmons, Minister of Tourism and Economic Development, and gang violence reduction co-ordinator Leroy Bean also attended.

The spokeswoman added: “Minister Caines and his ministerial colleagues also highlighted the need for peace and tolerance in the community.”

Ms Dean said each of the speakers provided “valuable and meaningful lessons to the students during their speeches”.